A.P. Overwater

P Updated May 05, 2021
AP Overwater over zijn stamvader DE DURE

A.P. Overwater is a well-known and well-known top fancier in the marathon pigeon world. In daily life he is an independent entrepreneur. He runs a horse pension together with his wife. A.P. has been among the pigeons since he was 9 years old. He found his first pigeon in the garden. He received two racing pigeons from a fancier. This was the start of a great pigeon career. In the early years, A.P.'s parents supported him in his hobby. A.P. has always had pigeons from that time on. From 1984 he is with the pigeons at the current address. That is a house with a lot of space around it for all kinds of animals, such as now horses and carrier pigeons. A.P. Overwater has independently built a strong loft with pigeons. A.P. mainly plays on the ZLU flights, but also applies to the NPO classics. His pigeons have a strong old-fashioned Jan Aarden background. Most pigeons come from B. Batenburg and zn. He has strongly inbred this variety to the best performance pigeons and his best breeders from his own stock. The stock is supplemented with top pigeons from other fanciers.

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