Gebr. Brugemann

P Updated May 02, 2021

It was Lou Brugemann, the father of the brothers who laid the foundation for the love they all have for the pigeon sport. Lou was a pure pigeon fancier who, together with his son Kees, had a number of pigeon lofts above their cheese warehouse on the Wilhelminastraat in Krommenie. Jos was still quite young at the time, he was interested in the sport, but Peter only came into the picture in the early nineties when they switched to the extreme long distance.
The lofts in Krommenie were already racing hard, which was at the beginning of Lou's pigeon sport career as a returner. Lou had been out for a decade when the flights went from Sunday to Saturday. Saturday was and is the busiest day in the markets where Lou sold cheese. At that time there was a fair mix of pigeons. But Lou and Kees wanted more. Contact was made with Raoul Verstraete and various pigeons came to Assendelft. But it was not enough and they searched further. Their big rise started when they got to know the retired champion dealer, Charel Goossens from Boortmeerbeek, later Booischot.
Charel owned a rich breeding loft. Children from, among others, the Kleine Blauwe, the Fondman and the Geschifte van Gust Hofkens came to Assendelft, who immediately brought their colony to a higher level.

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