Jelle Jellema

P Updated May 02, 2021
NL15-1320979_Silke_(Jellema Jelle)

The dominance that Jelle Jellema displayed in 2020 in the 2 most iconic extreme long distance races Barcelona & Perpignan has hardly or never been equaled in recent decades. A 1st national Barcelona and 2nd national Perpignan in 1 week, normally makes an impression enough. But in this case, this limited enumeration clearly falls short of Jelle Jellema's performance. It was not just a 1st national Barcelona or a 2nd national Perpignan. Both from Barcelona and Perpignan, it concerned a series of top pigeons that the international pigeon world was watching with open mouth… How unique is it that 1 fancier from Barcelona plays no less than 7 (!) Pigeons in the top 60 internationally, on one from the farthest distances of the international competition, with headwind and temperatures rising to 40 degrees in France and 36 degrees in the south of the Netherlands, with disruptions and thunderstorms on the way. The Jellema team turned it into a hero's journey, which found an exceptional resonance worldwide. Followers of the Barcelona classic agreed: what Jelle Jellema did on Saturday, August 1, 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the most iconic Barcelona performances of all time.

And if this wasn't enough, it was the turn of the Perpignan team a week later. Here, too, temperatures of up to 38 degrees in France and a light easterly wind that turned to a north-east in the Benelux, again ensured a heroic performance. This time starting with the 2nd national with Lars and here also 4 pigeons in the top 40 national.

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